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I found this lovely tag from Novel Link and it looked like so much fun that I decided to jump right in and do it... I was originally planning to get only titles from my shelf but I realized that some of titles I wanted to show only have a specific edition that satisfy the criteria + I also wanted to feature some books that haven’t been released and I am really looking forward to...
Basically in this tag we have ten categories/criteria and we basically just need to find a book that meets said criteria. Without further ado, let’s start...

1. Book with the word “GONE” in the title

I have not finished Gone With the Wind Yet but so far it’s been good. I have only read a few books by Abbi Glines but so far all of them have been good

2. Book with a Weapon on the Cover

Color me excited!!! I am super excited for these two and the covers are just dazzling!!!

3. Book with a Moon


I've only read The Sea of Tranquility and it was so good! I've been planning to read The Thief Lord but I’m away putting it off for something else...

4. Girl in a White Dress

I really really like this cover of The One... it’s so pretty! Haven't got my own copy of Everything Leads to You but I heard it’s good...

5. Couple Kissing


I've only started on the Lux series of Jennifer Armentrout so I am not sure when I will get to start on this other series but so far I've only heard good things about it... I love the Perfect Chemistry series and Rules of Attraction is my favorite...

6. Book with a Sunset


Not sure if those are sunsets or sunrise on these covers... Haven’t read both of these yet but I've already ordered a copy of An Ember in the Ashes... Magonia’s cover is so beautiful though and I might order a copy of this too soon...

7. Book with Headphones


I just can’t recall any other book that could meet this criteria.... Anyway these two are great reads so check them out...

8. Book with Water


It’s a Harry Potter and Percy Jackson... what’s there to hate?!! Love Love Love!!!

9. Book with a Flower(s)

First off let me start by saying I absolutely love these books!!! Looking for Alaska is probably my fave amongst all John Green books I've read and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is one of if not the most beautiful books I've  read to date...

10. Book with Heart(s)

I really just need to include a Colleen Hoover title because she is one of my absolute faves! I really want to read Forbidden but I just can’t seem to find a bookstore that has it...

Bonus: Book that has a Black and White Cover


I really love A Monster Calls... The story and illustrations were top-notch... I am still looking for Kyland but I am definitely out to get it as soon as i find a copy...

I am tagging anyone who is interested to join. Please do link back to the tag originators if you decide to do so.
P.S. I would really love to see your answers so please do send me the link to your post via the comments so I can check it out ^_^

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