LBTQIA Reads I Am Loving!

5:28 AM

Just before the LGBTQIA Pride Month ends… here is a list of some LGBTQIA book recommendations… #PRIDE #LoveWins

Also, I just want to shout out into the world how nice it is that younger LGBTQIA readers all over the world are now finally able to read about characters that are just like them… And this is important, because growing up I’ve always felt that I was aberrant, that my preference is something that has to be punished or changed, that I can be looked down upon. And to be honest, I’ve accepted that it was normal to be treated like that. Most of it probably due to the fact, that I see little to no representation of people like myself in popular media. You see little to no representation further enforces the idea that I am not normal, that I am not like them, and that I cannot expect the same treatment and level of acceptance that they receive. 

Most probably if these books were present when I was growing up, I would have probably had a more stress-free childhood because I would have had a stronger sense of self and affirmation of my identity. People, most importantly the children, around me at that time would have probably treated me with less prejudice.

But you know what, it really does get better. As an adult now, I can definitely say that while the preconceived notions of some people are still there, there are more people who are definitely accepting and more respectful (atleast) of my preference. And from where it used to be… that is already a huge improvement. But then again, wouldn’t it be better if in the future it doesn’t get better? Because no “bettering” would have to be done because it has been good all along. ^_^

Books on the List:

  1. The books are not arranged in any order. Although, the first four are what I am going loco over recently.
  2. I tried to limit the list to one book per author. I just can’t remove WG2x, though, because I just can’t.
  3. Most of these are YA because that is the genre that I mostly read.
What other books can I add to list? Sound off in the comments ^_^

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