Free Comic Book Day 2015 Mini Haul

5:58 AM

It's FCBD today and so I did a bit of shopping after getting my free Comics. ^_^
I got Secret Wars and Teen Titans!!!
I got a bunch of stuff like those Superman and Flash tees which were too cute for words!!!
I also decided to buy my first ever Funko Pops! I got Iron Man Mark 43 and Sebastian from Black Butler Fame ^_^
I also got "Everything On It" to add to my Shel Silverstein collection.
And my jaw literally dropped when I saw signed copies of "Looking for Alaska" just laying about... I had to have it...
Oh! and I also got Blankets by Craig Thompson because all Graphic Novels were 20% off due to Free Comic Book Day and I've always wanted to read it but it was just so darn expensive...
❤I am loving this gigantic mass of a book…❤

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